Can a home be a home without a patio?

Whether it's for hosting a huge BBQ, enjoying your morning coffee, or just taking in the view from a getaway, having a patio is a wonderful addition to almost any home. But which patio is right for your home?

Residential patio options are as limitless as your imagination. So here's a deeper dive into all the wonderfully different types of patios for your home.

Traditional Patios

Traditional backyard patios are a type of patio often associated with older homes. These patios are typically built in one of two styles, with either flagstone or concrete as the materials used.

Flagstone patios are often made with natural stones, like slate or sandstone, that have been cut and laid with mortar. These patios will have an uneven surface, as the flagstones are laid in a random pattern.

Concrete patios are a more modern material laid with a flat surface. They are often mixed with a staining agent for a unique color. Modern patios have evolved to include various materials, such as tiles, pavers, bricks, and concrete, that can be combined to make a unique design. These patios may also have fire pits, water features, built-in seating, and other enhancements.

Bespoke Patios

Bespoke patios, also known as custom-made patios, are designed to meet the homeowner's needs. They are often designed and built to specific specifications, each reflecting the homeowner's taste.

Bespoke patios range from small, intimate designs to large, grand outdoor living spaces. They can combine outdoor materials, such as natural stone, pavers, wooden decking, and gravel or turf, to create unique outdoor patios that can be enjoyed by homeowners and their guests all year round.

Courtyard Patios

A courtyard patio is an outdoor space surrounded by walls on three or four sides and is usually used as a private retreat. Courtyard patios can be used in various ways, from a quiet place to sit and relax, to an entertainment area for gathering with family and friends.

They can also be designed with a variety of materials, such as stone, tile, brick, and concrete, among other options. These patios come in various sizes and can also be built to provide added features such as outdoor kitchens and firepits. They allow homeowners to get the most out of their outdoor space without sacrificing privacy.

Covered Patios

Covered patios offer great protection from rain, sleet, and snow while still allowing people to enjoy the outdoors. A covered patio could have a partial or full roof, use awnings, or have a latticework type of framework.

They can be constructed using wood, stone, brick, and aluminum materials. For a modern touch, glass patio doors can be installed to transition from the indoors to the outdoors seamlessly. There are a variety of patio doors for sale in the market, so look around and see what perfectly fits your patio style.

Choose From These Types of Patios

From concrete patios to covered patios and every variation in between, there's something out there for everyone looking to upgrade their backyard space. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or looking for a turn-key solution, one of these types of patios is perfect for you.

Contact a patio contractor today and get started transforming your backyard into an outdoor paradise!

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