A fitness smartwatch has become a necessity. When combined with a sleek and modern design, the functionalities and features make it an ideal accessory. However, with so many fitness watches in the market, finding the best fitness smartwatch is troublesome. 

Fortunately, we understand your dilemma and we have come up with effective and efficient solutions. Below we are going to talk about KOSPET’s best fitness smartwatches. 

The Best Smartwatch of 2022


Among the numerous, our top favorite is the KOSPET TANK M1 PRO. The watch comes with a beautiful, attractive, and sleek design. It is available in black and green. For a more formal look you can go with the black color. 

On the contrary, if you want to choose a trendy look, we are in love with the green color as well. The metal and plastic body gives the watch a premium look and the silicone strap adds to its grace. The watch is fast and reliable and the battery is simply out of the world. it offers a 50-day standby time and about 15 days of usage. 

You can take it to pool parties without worrying about it getting damaged. The watch comes with 5 ATM and IP69K waterproof certification. To spice things up, it also supports Bluetooth calling along with Bluetooth music playback. Its version 5 Bluetooth is the best in terms of connection smoothness. 

This is a watch for people with big wrists or for people who love big dials. Its 1.72 inches display might seem huge for some, but others are simply in love with it. The TFT technology and the 280 x 320 resolutions make it an ideal choice for any and all occasions. 

Additionally, the watch offers smart notifications, it is compatible with a number of languages and it effortlessly monitors your health. Of course, being the best fitness smartwatch of 2022, this is something that the watch needs to do. 

There are 20 or more sports modes that would help you keep track of the calories that you burn along with your heart rate during your workout sessions. All and all, the watch is perfect for anyone who is keen on monitoring their physical fitness even when they are on the go! 

This is our choice, however, there are several other smartwatches that are worth your time, money, and effort. Below, we have listed some of the best ones. 

KOSPET GTR Smartwatch 

It is a smartwatch that balances technology and style. The beautiful watch comes in three basic colors – black, white, and pink. The plastic body uses silicone straps to add grip and grace to the overall watch. 

Moreover, the watch is waterproof – IP68– which means that you can take it wherever and whenever you want You can dive in the water with it, or take a watch with it, things will happen to this amazing watch. 

Another interesting feature of the watch is its 30 days battery life. This is extremely good especially when you need them in emergency situations. Also, the watch offers the feature of monitoring your heart during the day. In case of any problem, it would notify your right away. 

It comes with a 1.52 inches full touch technology display that uses TFT IPS and has a resolution of 240 x 283. The 8 sports mode might be less for extremely fitness enthusiasts, but for more people who are more interested in other functionalities of the watch, than the sports mode, it is the perfect watch. 


Another great fitness watch is the KOSPET RAPTOR Smartwatch. Being the best in the industry, the has raised the standards of a fitness watch. Instead of using watches that have limitations, shift to the RAPTOR smartwatch. There is no denying that it is the best fitness smartwatch. 

The watch comes with a 1.3-inch screen with TFT technology and 320 x 320 resolution. Thus, it would show you a clear picture even under the sunlight. To facilitate fitness lovers, the watch offers about 20 or more sports modes including swimming, hiking, jogging, and running, among others. 

Moreover, the watch uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor blood sugar, heart rate, BP, and some other aspects of your health. It helps you keep count of the calories that you have taken so far in the day along with the number of calories that you burn during workout sessions. 

The watch is also compatible with different languages and it offers an impressive standby time of 50 days. 

Regardless of which watch you buy, just make that that the watch you invest in is meeting your demands. We hope, you liked our best fitness smartwatch in 2022 blogpost!